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Ecodigester ST6 Unit

The most popular size of Sewage Treatment Plant, the ST6 unit is a excellent alternative to a septic tank or a great solution for any new requirement. Using modern methods for breaking down waste, the Ecodigester is a very reliable choice.

New Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Single house up to 4 bedrooms, unless holiday accommodation
  • Light industrial unit up to 18 persons.
  • Single residential caravan.

Simple Installation

Your ecodigester can be installed by anyone.
Simply dig a hole 300mm wider and 100mm deeper than the unit. Pour some concrete into the base of the hole, settle the unit into the hole. If possible let the concrete go off. Then back-fill with pea gravel or something similar, having first filled the ecodigester with water. The airblower is installed within 10m of the ecodigester (10m of hose supplied).
If you are installing in an area of high water table. Cover the wet ground anchors with 3m3 of concrete to a minimum depth of 300mm above the wet ground anchors. Back-fill with pea gravel or continue with the concrete.
Note. If you are installing your ecodigester at an inlet invert of deeper than 900mm then you must cover the top section with concrete to the level of the bottom of the neck, then backfill with pea gravel of similar.



Air Blower - Industry standard SECOH 80. Long life. over 30000 hours of continuous operation installed externally within 10m of the Ecodigester 240 v. 84w info

Maintenance - regular inspection is required. Butler - Hall Engineering specialize in servicing sewage treatment plants info

Dimensions - 1900mm diameter 2200mm deep

Weight - 270 Kg

Inlet inverts (inlet drain depth) 600mm. 900mm. 1200mm. 1500mm

Submersible discharge pump (if required), fitted internally -Poma OMP110. flow 250lpm head 5.5m info


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